Nillkin Synthetic fiber case for iphone 13 mini (5/19)

Nillkin for iPhone 13 Mini Case Carbon Fiber Pattern TPU + PC Shockproof Protective Case Back Cover

Skin-friendly texture, anti-staining and scratch-resistant The surface layer is sprayed with rubber oil touching feel as baby’s skin, prevent from fingerprint and scratches.

Combination of softness and hardness. Won’t scratch the phone Matching of the PC back shell and TPU frame,smooth and round edge transition. Tough and durable. Easy to install and remove.

Clear patterns, peculiar design Dual layers of aramid fiber. Sophisticatedrigorous weaving process is adopted to make regular geometric texture.

Elaborate and exquisite craftsmanship Advanced thermoforming technology,dual material in the back shell fits closely.

Non-slip on both sides, delicate embossing Equipped with anti-slip strips on two sides, dazzling and stylish laser glossy streak.

Accurate cutouts Molded by original phone, functional cutouts is corresponded with the phone.

Original phone measurement.Unimpeded signalRigorous testing by original phone toensure the signal of WIFI, GPS,and mobilenetworks free from disturbing.

Installation :

Firstly, put the bottom side of device with protective coverThen, slightly pressing the upper side of device into protective cover.

How to remove:

Remove from two corners of the right side and then the phone can be took out easily.

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